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Natural Granite Kerbs stone china supplier

Kerbstone is the boundary dividing the roadway, sidewalk, green space, separation zone and other parts of the road, which plays a role in ensuring the traffic safety of pedestrians and vehicles and ensuring the regularity of the pavement edge.

According to the shape is divided into linear (straight))kerbstone and curvilinear (Radius)kerbstone.in Europen Countries,different country have different style requirments of the Kerbstone.The popular color is Gety,Yellow,Dark Grey,Black..Standard Dimensions is 8x20x100cm, 8x25x100cm, 10x20x100cm, 10x25x100cm, 10x25x125cm, 12x25x100cm, 15x25x100cm, 20x30x100cm. Common processing ways:Top and front are sawn,fine picked or rough picked Ect,others are natural split or sawn.it also can be produced according to customer's design and specifications